05/10/2009 steven

Googles Place Pages

Is Google is trying to eliminate the need for small business to have a website?

I believe that if an SME is interested in using the web to generate company interest or business leads; they are going to need a website & this isn’t going to change any time soon. There’s a myriad of sites like this on the web. If anything Googles place pages or Facebook pages whichever you decide to use are only going to improve your online reputation; consolidating users trust in your online presence!

Most of the concern from┬áSEO consultants is that Google is increasingly using the space on the first page for their own resources. Search for Internet marketing Manchester and the first thing you see is a map with lots of listings; surpassing the efforts of those companies who have worked hard for a prominent SERP! As if that blow wasn’t enough for SEO’ers it now appears that Google is inserting data from its Maps project into its natural listings.

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