05/10/2009 steven

Applying the 80/20 rule to SEO

There have been many people over the years write about how the 80/20 rule applies to Search Engine Optimisation [SEO].

In my experience it is all too easy to get bogged down with all the latest algorithms and changes in the importance of certain techniques which over time either depreciate, become obsolete or alternatively their SEO value improves.

It’s widely acknowledged that 80% of the internet marketing you do for a site will not give a good return on the time invested. If you want to follow the 80/20 rule you first need to prioritise the work you do which brings the most benefit. Identify the top 20%; then make that your main concern with any new projects.

If you want to “work smart” and apply the 80/20 rule it’s important to continue to monitor the effectiveness of your prioritised list; whilst the 80-20 rule has remained consistent over time the specifics of the top 20% will often fluctuate.

This only highlights the dynamic nature of SEO. I’ve often spoke with developers who try telling me SEO is simple all you need to do is change your title-tags. I usually leave them to indulge in their naivety & tell them there is no template for internet marketing.

Every market, niche or otherwise, has its competitors; never forget that they out there working just as hard as you are!

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